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The Blue Gate Offline UPS BG1530 is efficient, durable and boasts of three LED indications that make it easy for you to understand as well as a digitized microprocessor control that stabilizes the flow of power and overload protection that makes it not to affect any of your household appliances. The energy saving function comes in a green and red colour mode that lets you know when the UPS battery is full and when it is also getting low to enable you switch off your appliances before it finally shut off. The Blue Gate Offline UPS that provides an alternative power supply to connects with any electronic equipment when the primary power source is not available. You could make use of the UPS for your electrical equipment with generators that are compatible with the voltage of the UPS to enjoy your television, freezers, air conditioners and more without fluctuation of supply of power. The UPS charges manually and automatically as you are making use of it when there is stable light or with generator and is helpful in protecting our appliances from damages and have prevents serious hardware damage and data loss when working seriously and focusing on your work without minding the blackout of power supply or fluctuations. Discover Blue Gate Offline UPS BG1530
BLUE GATE 1,230KVA UPS Elite Pro


  • Lightening and surge protection
  • Short circuit and overload protection
  • Energy saving function with UPS green mode
  • Wide input voltage and frequency window
  • Boost and buck AVR
  • Three(3)LED indication for easy understanding
  • Automatically charging in UPS off mode
  • Automatically self-detection when start-up

BLUE GATE 1,230KVA UPS Elite Pro


  • Color: Black
  • Main Material: Plastic/Metal
  • Model: BG1530 Elite Pro
  • Product Line: tecnoxpert
  • Size (L x W x H cm): 406x198x245
  • Weight (kg): 10

BLUE GATE 1,230KVA UPS Elite Pro


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